Who We Are

WCPP Mission Statement

“To promote a safer, healthier Weld County through strategies that prevent and reduce youth substance abuse.”

Our History.

In 2004, Weld County was designated as one of Colorado’s worst areas for underage drinking. As a result, the Colorado Prevention Partnership Advisory Council (CPPAC) selected Weld County and 13 other areas in Colorado to receive a five-year Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. This federal grant supports collaboration between school systems and community organizations in the prevention of underage drinking, drug use and other issues.

In 2009, we received a five-year SAMSHA CPPS – Colorado Partnership for Success grant and have been refunded each year since. This brings $400,000.00 annually to Weld County for underage drinking prevention efforts. WCPP has been able to:

  • Assess community readiness for prevention efforts in Weld County
  • Create a local coalition of educators, law community leaders, businesses, faith
  • partners, parents and teens to address underage drinking in several Weld County locations: Greeley, Fort Lupton and Windsor
  • Develop and mobilize prevention resources to help our community prevent and reduce underage drinking
  • Fund and administer the Healthy Kids Colorado survey in middle and high schools throughout Weld County
  • Reduce underage binge drinking by 8% in four years
  • Establish a coalition of 50+ on and off site alcohol retailers known as Responsible Alcohol Retailers of Weld County
  • Train more than 700 on-site alcohol servers in responsible service (bars, restaurants, event facilities)
  • Provide prevention messages to thousands of families in Weld County
  • Establish a Speaker’s Bureau for community education
  • Develop, launch and support a social norm campaign called “DEFY” to change perception of alcohol use by teens at Windsor High School. It is now in its sixth year.
  • Develop and execute a strategic, comprehensive marketing campaign utilizing blogs, social media, print advertising, radio spots, direct mail, specialty advertising and other marketing tactics to educate teens, parents, leaders and the community at large
  • Help 78 parents and 106 kids improve communication skills, problem solve and thrive through the Strengthening Families 10-14 Program (parent prevention education)
  • Partner with other local organizations that promote healthy lifestyle choices for families

In September, 2014, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notified WCPP that it had been awarded the Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant. It provides $125K over the next five years, with a 100% match. After five years, the grant can be renewed for up to five more years, with an increasing match. The grant will enable WCPP to:

  • Develop media campaigns targeting teens during “high risk” time periods (prom, homecoming, holidays, etc.) with messaging about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use
  • Disseminate information to the community at large about the health effects of alcohol
  • Participate in special events to raise awareness about the dangers of marijuana use and youth
  • Support the efforts of Responsible Alcohol Retailers of Weld County

We’re a Part of Your Community.

Weld County Prevention Partners is a coalition of concerned parents, health care and social services professionals, community leaders, educators, business owners, law enforcement, volunteers and citizens who want the best for the youth in our community. We are dedicated to helping families avoid the dangers and heartbreak of underage alcohol consumption and drug use in Weld County.

Our Vision.

To be a community that empowers youth through education, resources and support to reach their full potential.

Our Goals.

  • To strengthen community prevention infrastructure to address underage binge drinking among all youth
  • To reduce and prevent 30-day binge alcohol use to 20%
  • To sustain prevention efforts in Weld County and continue to mobilize the community during this final year of our five-year grant

These Are Our Strategies:

  • To decrease social access of alcohol to minors
  • To lower alcohol consumption rates
  • To raise community awareness to the problems of underage drinking and the use of marijuana and other substances

During the past two decades, important research has proven that drug and alcohol addiction is both preventable and treatable. That’s why it’s so important to include prevention strategies in any comprehensive plan to address drug use and underage drinking. These strategies are actively in place in the continuum of care with North Range Behavioral Health.

The Process of Changing Policy

The policy change approach seeks to alter the supply and access of alcohol to youth rather than change youth attitudes and behaviors around alcohol. It seeks a system or norms change within a community, rather than a change in individual behavior. Read the entire Policy Process Brief PDF here.

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