Teacher Resources

Teachers are expected to do so much—lesson plans, communicate with parents, grade papers, sponsor clubs, mentor students and more. There aren’t enough hours—or resources in the day! That’s why Weld County Prevention Partners has prepared this handy guide that provides resources about underage drug and alcohol use for parents, students and you.

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Weld County Prevention Partners can provide you with funds

for Safe Prom initiatives and other alcohol and drug prevention materials, including providing you with materials for National Drug And Alcohol Facts Week and an online quiz your students can take called the National Drug Facts Challenge.

WCPP can provide swag items for you:

lanyards, posters, stickers, water bottles and other items for alcohol and drug-related classroom projects and initiatives.


Need ideas for providing information about alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, bullying or other important issues in your classroom? Contact Nomie Ketterling or call 970-313-1159.

Fast Facts About Teens, Alcohol And Drugs in Weld County

    • Youth in Colorado were more likely to report binge drinking (past 30 days) than their peers nationwide
    • Females are more likely than males to use alcohol (past 30 days)
    • Transgender and LGB youth are more likely to drink alcohol than cisgender and heterosexual youth
    • 16.1% of youth in Weld County reported binge drinking more than five drinks in a row
    • 15.8% of students in Weld County drank alcohol for the first time before age 13
    • 8.2% of students in Weld County tried marijuana for the first time before age 13
    • 36.6% of students who ever used marijuana
    • 13.3% of students have used prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription
    • 34.1% of students in Weld County felt sad or hopeless every day for two weeks in a row

    Data Source: Healthy Kids Colorado Executive Summary 2017, and 2017 High School Data by Region 18