If you’re like most parents, you do everything you can to make sure your pre-teen or teen has a happy, healthy future. Unfortunately, sometimes young people are tempted to try alcohol before they turn 21, or experiment with drugs. Not only can this behavior harm a growing body and brain, it can lead to failure in school, and in life.

This website has been created to help educate parents and kids about the dangers of underage drinking and the use of drugs, from marijuana and methamphetamines, to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. You’ll also find information about resources in Weld County that can help you and your family in many ways.

Local TEENS Speak Out

Recently, Responsible Alcohol Retailers of Weld County asked local teens to submit essays about underage alcohol use. The motivation? A $500 scholarship. Thirteen essays were received, and all were insightful, thoughtful and impressive. Here are two excerpts from the essays. The scholarship winner will be announced in late June. Congratulations, graduates!

“Alcohol abuse has become considerably more popular among teenagers, often because it’s considered “trendy” or “cool.” Many parents and teachers fail to warn their teens of the extremely serious consequences that will eventually occur as a result of alcohol abuse; some they choose not to discipline the kids when these incidents arise. Society, however, is more at fault than any teachers or parents–society promotes the use of alcohol and drugs in movies, tv shows, music, etc. as if it is absolutely essential in order to have fun or to live an exciting life. In general, the problem of alcohol abuse in teens needs to be more of a priority. We can’t keep promoting alcohol as the perfect escape or as a door to an enchanted paradise.

The reality is that alcohol kills, and if those with an influence would make a point to discourage the use of alcohol, as well as discontinue romanticizing the use of alcohol, the numbers wouldn’t be so alarming. Parents and teachers should encourage their kids to abstain from alcohol abuse, as well as explain to them fully the negative results that typically accompany such actions.

Music artists should stop brushing off the illegality in each chorus. Actors shouldn’t advocate for the “party life” on-screen in shows that target primarily a teenage audience. Alcohol abuse can be stopped, but everyone will have to work together. Spread the word, and join the cause!”
Jayde Contreras, Eaton High School graduate

“Many teenagers find it okay to consume alcohol to relieve stress or cure depression. A big problem is that many young teenagers have older friends that they may hang out with and supply alcohol. Those older friends don’t care about their wellbeing and just go ahead and buy them alcohol or drugs. It is a big problem because many teenagers have parents that consume alcohol and they think it is okay for them too. Teenagers think that drinking alcohol won’t damage them.

Workers in liquor stores understand they need to ask alcohol buyers for their ID’s. Many teenagers know ways to get fake ID cards so they could act older. Teenagers can reach out for help. I believe there are ways to prevent alcohol abuse; it is not the answer to anything.”
Yadira Aguirre; Roosevelt High School graduate



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*Stats courtesy of Drug Abuse.gov
12th graders who used marijuana in the past month
12th graders now use marijuana every day
The amount of THC in marijuana has increased over the past few decades



  • The potency of marijuana has more than tripled in the U.S. since the 1990s.
  • In the Netherlands, marijuana’s THC levels are regulated to be 15% or less. In Colorado, the average potency is 17.1 percent in flowers/buds and the average potency in concentrates is 62.1%
  • Colorado ranks first in the nation for the use of marijuana by youth ages 12+.
  • Research now shows marijuana is harmful to developing brains of adolescents, which may result in psychotic symptoms, schizophrenia, drug addiction and lower IQs.
  • The rise of high-potency marijuana has coincided with increases in hospitalizations and poison center calls in Colorado.
  • A major study published in Lancet Psychiatry Journal found that youth using marijuana daily had a 60% higher chance of never completing high school.
  • The same study found that kids who begin using marijuana before the age of 17 are 7 times more likely to commit suicide than those who don’t.
  • In Colorado, one of three high school seniors report using marijuana before they were 15.
  • Young people who use marijuana regularly are more likely to have memory issues, difficulty learning and lower math and reading scores.
  • Marijuana is addictive. It’s harder to stop using marijuana if you start at a young age.


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